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Sarah is available as an acoustic performer and as an Afro-beat fusion band for smaller venues, festivals and large concerts.



Her performance is an intimate and informative show, perfect for small venues, museums, schools, cultural centers as well as festivals. Her performances last anywhere betwen 15 mins and 2 hours.


Workshops and Residencies

Sarah Ndagire has taught workshops on African music while showcasing African culture, dance and instruments across Europe and in the US. Sarah’s workshops, mainly aim to:

  • Encourage individual expression, imagination and creativity through arts activities.
  • Provide the opportunity to access an exciting new cultural experience
  • Enhance listening and concentration skills


African Dancing

Do you feel a bit tense when it comes to moving your hips? Have you always wanted to learn how to dance African music or to improve your skills. Then Sarah’s workshops are ideal for you. Learn the basic and advanced steps



Introducing participants to Uganda/East African singing which in most cases goes hand in hand with dancing and clapping styles.



Not only will this drumming keep you fit, it will also be a great team building exercise. It is ideal for people to learn how to work together in harmony. With Sarah you will learn the call-and-response basics alongside exciting rythms from East Africa.

Depending on the size of your group and the length of time available, Sarah Ndagire will teach any or all of these three essentials of African music – drumming, dancing and singing. She is very flexible and can taylor-make workshops to suit the audience, school curriculum or just to suit your general requirements. Workshops and residencies can last anywhere from 30 minutes to two weeks.