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We are pleased to offer you a lovely selection of authentic, FAIR TRADE, sustainably created Ugandan handicrafts. All profits from the sale of these items benefits Gaita Kukibi Widow and Elderly Network and Ugandan American Global Initiatives. The prices listed on this page are based on sales within the United States--SHIPPING COSTS ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICES--they are shipped from Chicago, IL.

Please send us an email at information@gaitauganda.org if you are interested in making a purchase. Thank you!

Please note: this section is still under construction. Please check back later if the items you want are currently unavailable.


  CDs/DVDs $19 each
Jewelry and Accessories
Home Decor
Clothing and Fabrics by Stella Atal

A wide variety of lovely items will be available in our Uganda Shoppe.

I will be offering clothing, printed fabrics, and wall hangings created by my costume designer and the artist of the work that appears on this website: Stella Atal


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